Hey, My Name is Tai Leshaun and You're Seeing a Commercial Actor!

At the end of October I got the opportunity to meet with two agents from CESD’s Commercial Agency! In November, I got to sign with Kirsten Walther and join the CESD family! It was a blessing and a huge honor to receive this chance! I am extremely grateful to Ann Hamilton and her Commercial Workshop class that gave me the training and preparation for my meeting with CESD! I also want to thank my amazing manager team at TMT Entertainment Group Inc. for setting me up with the interview and getting me into the Room Where It Happens ;)! Here are some cute photos of me taking the Commercial Workshop and me geeking out about signing with my FIRST COMMERCIAL AGENT!


I'm Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!

Tai Leshaun with her new manager Ian Ames

Tai Leshaun with her new manager Ian Ames

Hey Everybody! I have some exciting news to share with you all!

I’ve been holding on to this secret for about a month or so and I’m finally ready to share the good news with you all! Earlier in October, I was blessed to be signed by talent manager Ian Ames with TMT Entertainment Group Inc.! It has been an exciting month full of auditions and laughs in the office! I can’t wait to fill you all in on my next journey with TMT Entertainment!

Also another big change is re-branding of the website and career! The first change is a NAME CHANGE! I am identifying myself as Tai Leshaun now, instead of Taishae Leshaun! Be on the look out for some new headshots and further re-branding!

Interesting Fact:

  • Ian Ames and I are both alumni of Marymount Manhattan College!

  • We met at the Alumni Agent, Manager, and Casting Director Panel that Marymount’s Theatre Department held for its graduating senior class during this Spring semester.

  • TMT Entertainment Group also represents Lena Headey who plays CERSEI in Game of Thrones! (How exciting right?!? I know I fan girl on the inside!)

"You Better Make it Dead. On. Arrival." Stunning last words to end the show


During the month of August, I got the opportunity to be in the AlphaNYC Theater Company's Production of D.O.A at the Producers Club! Baby's first Off-Off Broadway production! AlphaNYC strives themselves on putting on two different one-act plays each month and for the month of August they had put on D.O.A and 12 Angry Women. It was an amazing process that allowed me to work on a production at an accelerated rate!


Lady Shakespeare Takes on Boozy Shakespeare

Photo Courtesy of Tessa Flannery

Photo Courtesy of Tessa Flannery

Recently, I was cast as Benvolio in an all-female version of Romeo and Juliet with the Lady Shakespeare Theatre Company which is going up this Fall, so stay tuned for more details! On June 27th, 2018, the Lady Shakespeare Theatre Company threw a Boozy Shakespeare event to raise money for the upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet.


The Upcoming Cast of  Romeo and Juliet ; photo courtesy of Tessa Flannery

The Upcoming Cast of Romeo and Juliet; photo courtesy of Tessa Flannery

Each cast member presented monologues from various Shakespearean plays and it ended with two of the founders of the theatre company presenting a scene from Romeo and Juliet! Here are a few photos of my presentation of Hermia's monologue from A Midsummer Night's Dream and the cast together.


Photo Courtesy of Tessa Flannery

Photo Courtesy of Tessa Flannery


Determining Who "Belongs" in This Country


Taishae Leshaun was in Cassandra Medley's play Cell at Marymount Manhattan College! Cell was an amazing opportunity as the content of the play relates to the United States' current social climate. The play takes place in Flint, Michigan in 2011, and focuses on immigration and the horrible treatment these three women have to turn a blind-eye to at the immigration center they work at.

An amazing synopsis from the playwright herself:

Rene  opens her trailer door to her down-and-out sister Cerise,  and her niece Gwen.  Rene arranges for them both to join her as guards at the female, and children immigration detention center that provides the livelihood for most people in their small town.  At first, Gwen shows compassion for the detainees, refuses to sign off on the death-by-neglect of a sick Haitian infant,  and struggles to hold on to her humanity.  But the threat of losing her place in her family is too great.   Meanwhile, the stresses of the inhumane conditions of the detention center cost Aunt Rene her sanity.

Taishae Leshaun works on a new spin of Our Country's Good at Marymount Manhattan College


Taishae Leshaun got the opportunity to workshop a gender-bent character, Black Cleopatra, who was originally known as Black Caesar. She got to work closely with the director and musical director to create Cleopatra's story and incorporate a song that would match her storyline!