Determining Who "Belongs" in This Country


Taishae Leshaun was in Cassandra Medley's play Cell at Marymount Manhattan College! Cell was an amazing opportunity as the content of the play relates to the United States' current social climate. The play takes place in Flint, Michigan in 2011, and focuses on immigration and the horrible treatment these three women have to turn a blind-eye to at the immigration center they work at.

An amazing synopsis from the playwright herself:

Rene  opens her trailer door to her down-and-out sister Cerise,  and her niece Gwen.  Rene arranges for them both to join her as guards at the female, and children immigration detention center that provides the livelihood for most people in their small town.  At first, Gwen shows compassion for the detainees, refuses to sign off on the death-by-neglect of a sick Haitian infant,  and struggles to hold on to her humanity.  But the threat of losing her place in her family is too great.   Meanwhile, the stresses of the inhumane conditions of the detention center cost Aunt Rene her sanity.